UJAMAA SHULE was founded to provide an educational institution that would ensure Afrikan children the development of a strong positive self-image, a sense of values, and the achievement of academic excellence.



UJAMAA a Kiswahili word that means Family hood of Cooperative Economics.

UJAMAA is a non-profit independent Afrikan School.

UJAMAA receives no government or Corporate funds.

UJAMAA practices and emphasizes our traditional Afrikan culture.

UJAMAA is a collective of families who do for self, build, share, respect each other and believe in self-determination.

UJAMAA operates five days a week, serving children preschool through secondary level and offering vegetarian meals


To develop and enhance the quality of Afrikan people.

To raise the level of expectation, performance, and academic achievement of our young people.

To read and study Afrikan history and culture.

To instill in our children the concept of familyhood, and totally involve the family.

To teach the fundamental academic and technical skills.

To create a social atmosphere where male and female roles are clearly defined.

To establish a healthy, wholesome, and disciplined environment.

UJAMAA’s program provides for training in all facets of life; building character, independence, self-sufficiency and positive approaches to meeting life’s challenges. It is the mission of Ujamaa Shule to develop the total being and ensure each child reaches his or her highest potential.

Ujamaa Shule is the oldest completely independent Afrikan-centered school in the United States, founded in 1968 by Dr. El Senzengakulu Zulu.